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Employee Reclassification

We would like to reclassify an employee from exempt to nonexempt status. Is it okay to do this? What do we need to do to change their status?
HR Q&As Human Resources

High School Diploma

Can I require applicants to have a high school diploma?
Hiring Human Resources

Shortage of Qualifications

There still are so many quality and qualified people who want to work and who you would love. So what do we do? How do we find them or get them to find us?
HR Q&As Human Resources

Background Checks

Do we have to get permission to run a background check?
HR Q&As Human Resources

An Employee Opted Out of Our Medical Plan

An employee who opted not to be on our medical plan is about to have a baby. Would this event allow the employee and their newborn to enroll in our plan?
HR Q&As Human Resources

Resignation Notice

An employee emailed us saying that if we didn’t give them a raise, the email would serve as a resignation notice. What do we need to do to accept this resignation?
Human Resources

Ethics at Work

Would you cheat? 😳 And other ethical questions... 🤔
Human Resources

Making Workers Comp Work

Managing workers' comp claims is pretty straightforward, but it's much more difficult when the claim isn't a specific incident that resulted in injury.
Employee Engagement Engagement

7 Ways to Reengage Your Workforce and Inspire Loyalty

If people are leaving jobs for something better, offer something better! Here are some ideas to create an engaged and committed workforce.
Employee Engagement Engagement

Good Worker, Poor Attitude: Boosting Employee Morale

From the employee-manager relationship to compensation and benefits, discover how to improve overall satisfaction in the workplace.