Year-End Best Practices Guide to Help Tame the Chaos


Things to Check Off Your List

Because nothing feels as good as a

We like to feel accomplished, but sometimes a task like, "close payroll for the year" seems to have so many places where hiccups can occur (not just from the eggnog!)

The following resources are tools to help you close your year-end without much ado:


Three-Step Guide to a Successful Year-End
Thread YE Payroll Checklist
HR, Payroll & Benefits YE Checklist
2022 Form W-4
Georgia State Withholding Form G-4
A pre-written email to copy and paste to your employees


It's year-end, and as we're closing the books, it's important to make sure everything is in order. Please review your paystubs and check for accuracy in the following areas:

  • Name Spelling: name changes due to marriage or divorce, etc. all need to be verified to match prior-year tax returns or you should have supporting documentation otherwise.
  • Mailing address: Especially if you have recently moved or are moving within the first six weeks of the year, please make sure to update your address ASAP.
  • Social Security Number: Login to your account or verify with HR - if your SSN is off by even one number there could be penalties!
  • Taxable state: Please make sure that state taxes are being taken out for the state in which you live, and not necessarily the location of your workplace. If you see an error here, please alert HR.
  • Exemptions: Verify the number of exemptions being withheld from your taxable rate. If you are taking too many exemptions you may owe taxes. With only a few paychecks left in the year, we can't quite reverse the damage, but we can help if you need that status changed.

Thank you so much for your cooperation!

Plus, remember to have your Year-End Survey completed by  December 9th, and any additional documentation to Thread no later than December 20th.

Hear more from Scott in this year-end HR Health Check-Up webinar!


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