Our NEW isolved release goes live
April 8, 2022

Release 8.6 – is jam-packed with exciting new additions!
We are working hard to provide the best tools for you and your team.

Time & Labor Management

Occurrence Tracking

The Occurrence Tracking module in isolved is a solution that takes Time Card alerts and applies points to identify when corrective actions need to take place per a company’s policy. This can also be used as a stand-alone module in Human Resources where occurrences can be entered by users. As employees accumulate points and reach predetermined thresholds, a corrective action record is created, and notifications can be sent to users who need to take action. Here are a few examples where you could use occurrence tracking to help automate your processes:

  • Excessive tardiness
  • Safety issues
  • Absenteeism

Click here to see the full documentation on how Occurrence Tracking works in isolved People Cloud 

Onboard & Develop Configurable Onboarding

Those of you who have been using our offboarding functionality have been asking for the configurable wizard format to be moved to onboarding. You asked- we delivered!

The Onboarding process can now be configured to allow multiple users to complete a portion of the new hire process. For example, IT may need to assign and record the employee’s phone and computer, HR may need to complete Job and Labor, upload Documents, Employment Information, and assign Leave Accruals. Finally, payroll will need to enter in Salary information. Employee onboarding is a process that can prevent errors such as:

  • Not completing the Employee and Employer sections of the I-9
  • Not recording company-issued asset, such as a mobile devices or computers
  • Not assigning the new hire a job title or assign them a supervisor
  • Not assigning accruals or updating employee tax information

You can now create multiple onboarding templates and workflows for varying groups of employees. If you are not already using Onboarding, this is a feature that will need to be enabled before use. Please contact your customer service representative for activation.

Click here to watch a quick video on the Onboarding enhancements.

Onboard & Develop I-9 Updates

Below are the exciting changes we have rolling out to our I-9 screen. We wanted the I-9 screen to look as similar to the actual form as possible

  • Ability to preview the form (employee or employer),
  • Ability to include the form in the configurable client wizard in onboarding
  • Ability to use a translator
  • Ability to capture additional list A documents
  • Ability to add notes to the additional information field,
  • Ability to choose a work location for the employer address

Platform Menu Item Location Changes

While making changes to the system over the last few months, we found that items within both the Client Management and Employee Management sections of the system were getting cluttered. Rather than having users scroll through the menus we have added additional menus and rearranged a few.

Employee Management Menu Updates

  • Payroll Accumulations have moved under the Employee Pay menu
  • Accruals have been moved under Employee Benefits > Accruals
  • A new submenu for Performance has been added for
    • Awards
    • Occurrences
    • Corrective Actions
    • Add Review
    • Schedule Review
    • Review History
  • A new submenu for Regulatory has been created and will have the following underneath it
    • Federal Reporting Data
    • OSHA Incidents
    • WOTC Certifications
  • A new submenu for Training and Development has been created and will have the following underneath it
    • Certifications
    • Education
    • Skills
    • Training


Here is a breakdown of the new menu items

Employee Admin Tools Menu Updates

With our Employee Admin Tools menu, we have moved all our I-9 screens to funnel under the I-9 Management menu item rather than being scattered in different areas of the system.


Client Management Menu Updates

To match up with the changes that we have made with the Employee Management screen, we have added the new menus to Client Management for HR Administration, Performance and Training and Development.

  • HR Admin menu has been renamed to HR Administration
  • Employee Messages has moved under the HR Administration menu
  • A new submenu for Performance has been added for
    • Awards
    • Corrective Actions
    • Performance Review Ratings
    • Performance Review Types
    • Performance Review
  • A new submenu for Training and Development has been added for
    • Certifications
    • Education
    • Skills
    • Training


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