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How to Land Recent College Grads: 7 Recruiting Tips

The labor market will get a fresh infusion of talent in May and June, as many colleges and universities graduate their senior classes.
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Steps to Writing a Killer Job Ad

Writing the perfect job ad could be the difference between you getting a quality candidate or no candidate at all. So how do you create a killer job ad?
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New Employee Orientation Checklist

Don't get lost in the excitement of the employee's first day and forget to complete the important forms and notices! Kick the day off right.
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How to Design a Powerhouse Team

For a team to be effective, it must be a source of value to the people on it. People don’t stay engaged with a team or remain on it when that team doesn’t meet their own wants and needs. Team input ca
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When You Need to Hire Workers, But Nobody Likes the Work

Some jobs are just plain unpleasant. The avoidance of undesirable work is one reason why half of all small businesses are unable to find workers right now.
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Interviewing Like a Pro

Get a lesson from Scott Mastley, SPHR, on how to interview like a pro, and download your FREE PPT template to train your own team!
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Forms of Interview Bias

Interview bias may occur intentionally or unintentionally. It is important to be aware of how biases may affect your decision-making when interviewing candidates.
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How to Make the Perfect Job Offer

You've found your top candidate! Don't Lose them. Here's 9 tip on how to seal the deal!
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The Impact of Hiring Temporary Workers

Temporary workers play a significant role in certain businesses. However, how do you know whether or not hiring temporary workers is truly advantageous to your business?
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Working Interviews and Alternatives

The employee looked great on paper and appeared confident and competent in the interview, but when it came to doing the basic duties of the job, they just didn’t have what it took.
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