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Navigating Workplace Stress

Discover effective strategies to manage workplace stress with our HR experts. Contact us for guidance and support!
HR Q&As Human Resources Benefits

Offering Interns Group Health Insurance

Discover if offering group health insurance to summer interns is necessary and how it can impact your employer brand. Get expert insights now!
HR Q&As Human Resources compliance

Update: EEOC Harassment Guidance | May 2024

Learn about the updated Harassment Guidance from the EEOC released May 2024. Contact our team today for guidance and support.
HR Q&As Human Resources

Harassment Investigation 101

Get expert help with harassment investigations, workplace policies, and training. Contact our team today for guidance and support.
HR Q&As Human Resources

Limiting Remote Employees

Optimize your remote workforce while managing costs and compliance. Explore location-based hiring strategies with our expert guidance.
HR Q&As Human Resources

What is COBRA

Learn about COBRA, a federal law that allows employees and dependents to continue their group health coverage after a qualifying event.
HR Q&As Human Resources

Name Changes and I-9 Forms

If an employee changes their name, do we need to complete a new Form I-9?
HR Q&As Human Resources

How Do We Start Succession Planning?

We know we need to plan for our leaders to leave the organization. How do we start succession planning?
HR Q&As Human Resources

Are Candidates Ghosting You?

It seems like we’ve had a lot of candidates ghosting us recently. Is there anything we can do to prevent this?
HR Q&As Human Resources

Handbook Refusal

One of our employees refuses to sign the handbook. What should we do with her?
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