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Start a Mentoring Program in Your Office

Mentoring in the workplace is getting quite some buzz, but what is it? Some people feel it's a waste of time, and others think it's nice but not necessary.
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15 Ways to Spring Clean HR

15 actionable tips to help you clean up your HR files and feel renewed.
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Saving Disengaged Employees

Employee engagement feels like a buzzword that is just flippantly thrown around. Many people believe it's about daily happy hours and copious amounts of free snacks in the office.
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iSolved v5.0.01 NEW RELEASE

Learn about the newest features and updates in the iSolved platform and how to leverage them right away.
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Time for a Paycheck Checkup

Following tax law changes, you should do a paycheck checkup using the IRS’s Withholding Calculator and, if necessary, complete a new  W-4 form. The calculator helps determine the right amount of withh
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15 Spring Cleaning Ideas for the HR Department

It's time to get to spring cleaning your office and your department! Start by ridding yourself of anything you no longer need to hold onto, like old personnel records ...
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Considerations for Employee PTO Requests

Considerations for Employee PTO Requests
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HR Department: 5 Tips for Growth

HR headed into an upswing, the time couldn't be better to set some goals for professional growth and success. Get started now with these quick tips!
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The Future of HR

Rapid change in job functions can happen at any time thanks to technology, the economy, and newly formed industries. The position of Human Resource Manager or Director is one career that is on the fro

Benefit Plan: 5 Tips to Avoid Common Errors

Spend five minutes reading this list and save yourself the potential of costly mistakes later.