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An Employee Opted Out of Our Medical Plan

An employee who opted not to be on our medical plan is about to have a baby. Would this event allow the employee and their newborn child to enroll in our plan?
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Resignation Notice

An employee emailed us saying that if we didn’t give them a raise, the email would serve as a resignation notice. What do we need to do to accept this resignation?
Human Resources

Ethics at Work

Would you cheat? 😳 And other ethical questions... 🤔
Human Resources

Making Workers Comp Work

Managing workers' compensation claims is pretty straightforward, but it's much more difficult when the claim isn't a specific incident that resulted in injury.
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What a Good Enough Hiring Process Looks Like

The good news is that an effective recruitment process doesn’t need to be the best or magical or otherwise super flashy. It just needs to be good enough to fill your open positions.
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Four Things Employers Should Know About Pay Transparency

Whether you’re in a location that’s passed a pay transparency law or are simply curious about what this new trend might mean for your businesses, here are four things you should understand.
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What Employers Should Know About Trauma in the Workplace

When a distressing event occurs in or affects the workplace, leaders need to be ready and able to support their employees before, during, and after the event.
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Trouble Hiring? Consider High School Students...

It's a challenging time to be hiring, so it's logical to expand your candidate pool in any way you can, including to high school students.
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Employee Reliability

Can we ask references about an applicant’s previous use of sick time? We’d like to get a sense of their reliability.
HR Q&As Human Resources

Racially Insensitive Comments in the Workplace

HR Q&A: An employee allegedly made a racially insensitive comment in the presence of a coworker. How should we respond?