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What You Need to Know Before Disciplining or Terminating an Employee

Disciplining or terminating an employee always comes with some risk, and there are plenty of legal danger zones you can end up in if it isn't done properly
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HR's Role in a Recession

HR’s role in a recession is to mitigate stress, resolve tensions, and maintain morale. Let’s look at some challenges and what you can do in response.
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Can we cut a performance improvement plan short?

Can we cut a performance improvement plan short if the employee's performance issues have gotten substantially worse?
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What is ERISA?

Are you in compliance with ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act)? Download the checklist to find out.
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Termination and Pay

If we terminate a salaried, exempt employee early in the week, do we have to pay them for the entire week?
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5 Reasons to Rehire Former Employees

Now that times have changed some employers are rehiring former employees! Here are five big reasons why you might consider doing the same:
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Boost Retention: Provide Value to Employees

Why are your employees employed with you? They have wants and needs, and employment with you enables them to meet those wants and needs.
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5 Steps to Succession Planning

Succession planning can be overwhelming, but it's important to consider the potential leaders in the years to come. Here are 5 steps to get started!
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Questions To Avoid During an Interview

Our HR Pros are here to give you insight on which questions you should avoid asking during an interview!
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Making the Most of Job Interviews

When interviewing candidates, time is critical. Here are some basic practices that will enable you and your candidates to make the best use of this time.