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Multiple Handbook Versions...Is it Allowed?

We are considering having different employee handbooks for our exempt and nonexempt employees. Can we have multiple versions of our employee handbook?
HR Q&As Human Resources

COVID and Employee Handbooks

Should we have a COVID section in our employee handbook?
Human Resources Payroll wage compliance

Implications of Wage & Hour Audits for Employers

Wage & Hour audits are happening and businesses that have violated wage and hour laws can face heavy fines and penalties.
Human Resources Benefits

Tackling the Great resignation? It's All About the Health Benefits

Health and wellness are critical factors for job seekers nowadays. Here are 3 key areas to consider when reviewing/updating your benefits.
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Post-it Nopes

Political issues, personal branding, and sketchy social media posts can be a recipe for HR and workplace issues. What can you do?
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I'm a big believer in simple, practical advice. Why complicate things? 
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What Can We Do?

Explore actionable insights on improving workplace productivity and employee engagement. Discover strategies for fostering a positive work environment.
HR Q&As Human Resources

Employee Reclassification

We would like to reclassify an employee from exempt to nonexempt status. Is it okay to do this? What do we need to do to change their status?
HR Q&As Human Resources

High School Diploma

Can I require applicants to have a high school diploma?
Hiring Human Resources

Shortage of Qualifications

There still are so many quality and qualified people who want to work and who you would love. So what do we do? How do we find them or get them to find us?