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FAQ About FLSA Changes

The Department of Labor has released a new proposed rule to increase the minimum salary for exempt employees. Here are some common questions we've received
Human Resources Time

FLSA Changes on Policy and Practice

Based on the proposed changes to the overtime rules under the FLSA, many employers will be reclassifying some exempt employees as non-exempt.
Human Resources Time

FLSA Changes - Updating Your Policies and Practices

Have you reviewed your policies and practices in light of the proposed upcoming FLSA overtime changes?
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Sick Time or PTO? Which fits your business best?

Pros and cons of offering sick time versus PTO.
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How To Reduce Absenteeism

Find Balance Between Healthy Time Away and Excessive Absences. Taking time away from work is good for the health and morale of employees.
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Considerations for Employee PTO Requests

How do you manage time off requests? Here are 4 things to consider when it comes to PTO!