It's hard to find and to keep people right now. Employees say they're leaving because of limited opportunities, lack of recognition, inadequate pay and benefits, a need for more flexibility, and concerns about the company's direction/culture. 

These steps can help improve employee retention.

  • Map out the growth plan for each position now. Share it during pre-hire and onboarding. Use it during performance and development talks. 
  • Explain your safety protocols. 
  • See how you stack up against the competition for pay and benefits. If you have longer eligibility wait times, shorten them. You might need to contribute more to the plans or get creative with your broker on plan design. (Ask Thread for great broker recommendations.) 
  • Be transparent during the recruiting process and talk about your uniques.  Job ads should be your brand, not lists of duties. 
  • Evaluate which positions could work remotely or on a hybrid plan. Consider more flexibility in scheduling or PTO or other current policies. 
  • Look at part-time workers to fill the gap.
  • Over-communicate your company culture, your core values, how employees fit into the future there, and how employees can grow and earn more. 
  • Identify your key employees and make plans with them to stay together. 
  • Help your employees stay healthy and fit at home or in the office. It's good for productivity, good for safety, and good for morale. 
  • Connect with employees for coffee, lunch, a beer, whatever fits your culture. Schedule one-on-one meetings to stay connected and get feedback. 
  • Provide the things that most companies don't provide well, such as a great onboarding experience, ongoing supervisory training, a simple performance management program, and access to leadership. 

Still need help with finding and keeping the right people for your team? Contact Thread today!

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