Recruiting in 2022 is challenging for employers across every industry. Employers are also losing their staff at unprecedented rates. However, the labor market will get a fresh infusion of talent in May and June, as many colleges and universities graduate their senior classes. This spring and summer will be an ideal time to use proven to attract recent college grads. Thread's experts and HR services team share recruiting tips for hiring top talent from the pool of recent college grads.     

7 Recruiting Tips for Hiring Recent College Grads 

1. Update job postings.

One of the best ways to recruit employees is by optimizing job postings. Especially when it comes to recent college graduates, the tone of the posting is paramount. Employers should write job descriptions that sell the position and the employer brand.  They should include a link to their Glassdoor or Indeed profile if they have a lot of positive reviews.  Perks and compensation should be in a bulleted list that is easy to review. Job duties should include the most crucial and attractive points.  

2. Offer compensation at or slightly above market rate.

In 2022’s tight labor market, it’s vital to advertise competitive compensation. Employers should perform a compensation analysis (or work with HR experts, like those at Thread) and ensure they supply competitive salaries or pay rates. They should also be providing competitive benefits packages, PTO, etc. Employers with less resources may need to be creative about what they offer candidates.  Perhaps if they can’t afford high pay, they can furnish more PTO, discounted gym memberships, discounted or free therapy, etc.   

3. Train every interviewer to sell the company culture.

Many employers must improve their company culture to boost employee retention right now.  One of the best recruiting tips to land the new talent on the market, is to showcase employer brand. Interviewers at every stage of the hiring process should be ready to discuss topics such as: 

  • the work environment 
  • programs for employee recognition 
  • employee review processes 
  • diversity and inclusion initiatives 
  • community service initiatives 
  • company values 
  • gatherings and team-building events 
  • etc.  

Ideally, interviewers will prepare their own personal reasons why they enjoy working at the organization. 

4. Give candidates clear paths for growth.

This is particularly vital when recruiting recent college graduates. Employers should help candidates see open roles as more than just jobs; they’re a stepping stone in a career path. Even if an organization can’t offer the employee higher roles, they can still provide training, the opportunity to develop new skills and work on new projects, etc. Hiring managers and interviewers need to be ready to sell the open job to recent college graduates as the foundation for a robust career path.   

5. Offer remote work if it aligns with the position.

After the pandemic, research has proven that many organizations saw equal (or higher) productivity from employees who were allowed to work remotely. Additionally, recent college graduates are likely to be excited about remote work options after having so much freedom to study from various locations in college. One of the best recruiting tips for college graduates is to offer remote work when positions allow for it (even if only partially). Companies offering remote work must have a remote work policy and the right tools and technology to support it. Collaborative software, such as Thread’s Share & Perform, will help managers, employees, and coworkers connect and communicate. If employers operate in a hybrid work environment, they should develop systems to ensure everyone can reach each other, expectations are clear, and work is never hindered if employees aren’t working from the same location. Organizations should note a hybrid work environment may require more planning and forethought than going fully remote or in-person.  

6. Streamline the interview process.

In the current job market, many employers are losing out on talent because their hiring process is too long. One of the most powerful recruiting tips is for employers to reduce and streamline their hiring process to compete for recent college grads. This may require an employer to cut down on the number of interviews, cut or reduce assessments, and schedule interviews quickly. (If employers must include assessments, they should try to conduct them towards the end of the hiring process, instead of the beginning.) To streamline their hiring process, employers should consider having their interviewers combined in one or two panels. This is faster than holding separate interviews with every interviewer.  

7. Extend offers and respond faster.

To hire new college graduates in 2022, organizations should be ready to make offers more quickly. They should also reduce the time candidates have to decide on offers. One tactic to implement this change is to ensure offer letters and other documentation are prepared and ready. Hiring managers and HR should also prioritize recruiting and ensure they make decisions and communicate with candidates quickly. Unfortunately, many employers are watching candidates slip away with multiple, simultaneous job offers. When candidates have more time to decide, they’ll have more time to be courted by other potential employers. Another key strategy is to require candidates to: 

    • respond quickly to a job offer; and  
    • start sooner when they accept. 

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