Teams who cross-train each other have more flexibility. When schools take holiday breaks, you might feel the pressure of a group of employees out that week. Or you might be on vacation with an ear to the phone and an eye on your laptop, wishing you could escape. 

Empower employees to provide support from within the company instead of outsourcing or overloading one group of employees during busy times.  

It can be as simple as providing answers to those who get the questions, so they don't need to transfer customers to get a response. You could identify your most essential duties and train one or two other people to do them, just in case. Then, you could take an actual vacation. Sit and stare at the ocean. 

If you document your processes, you can leave instructions and have a guide for your backup person. Documented processes also make training future backups and team members much easier. You are more likely to be considered for a promotion when you have someone trained and ready to fill your shoes.

Advantages of cross-training: 

  • Take a real vacation
  • Have documented processes
  • Make training easier
  • Improve your promotion odds
  • Elevate the skills of the team

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