5 Leadership Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes will happen. The good news is lots of examples exist to learn from the mistakes of other leaders. Look over the following 5 leadership mistakes to avoid and see what areas might need adjustments.

Not Walking the Walk. Your employees see (and talk about) what you do and what you do not do. Sweet talk only goes so far. Remember, for whatever you want to say, it is better to show.

Hoping Problems Pass. Resolving problems come with the territory of being a leader. If you don’t address the “elephant in the room,” your credibility becomes questionable. Taking action often is much better than taking cover.

Assuming Instead of Confirming. The greater the potential consequences, the more certain you must be of your information.  Follow-up is crucial for feedback as well as for opportunities to make necessary corrections.

Putting Aside. In the process of prioritization, smaller tasks often get pushed down the list. Unfortunately, a constant build-up of saying "not yet" can build a reputation of unreliability. If you cannot complete the task, then make sure you find a way for someone who can.

Being a Buddy. We all want to be liked. However, there’s a difference between being a leader and a friend. As a leader, your focus is to fulfill the needs of your business and your team (in a professional and respectful manner, of course).

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