Here are 10 recruitment strategies to help you immediately captivate job seekers, create a memorable first impression of your company, and successfully hire top candidates.

Here are 10 recruiting strategies to captivate job seekers.
What is a recruitment strategy?
A recruiting strategy is a plan of action to help you successfully identify, attract and hire the best candidates for your open roles.
Treat candidates like customers
The first impression is critical, so make it a good one.
Use social media

Utilizing social media is a good way to connect with potential candidates and give them an inside look at what it is like working at your organization. 

implement an employee referral program
Provide incentives to your team to encourage them to bring great people to your company.
create compelling job descriptions
Grab your candidate's attention with a compelling job description.
Help your job posts stand out by sponsoring the post.

Read through resumes posted online.

Consider revisiting past candidates when hiring.
The best way to represent your business to potential candidates is through your website!
It is also important to attend non-recruiting events to get your organization's name out there. 
Have someone that works in a similar role attend the interview as well.
If you have more questions surrounding your recruitment strategy reach out today!


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