Fight payroll fraud and keep your company and team members better protected.
Have you or someone you know been a victim of payroll fraud? 
What are the signs to watch for? Once you know, you can take measures to stay safe!
If only one person handles payroll, think about enlisting someone to help. Two sets of eyes can catch things twice as fast usually!
Enlist everyone on the team in the fight against fraud! The more they know, the better equipped they will be to spot potential problems. 
Creating and documenting procedures and processes may feel unnecessary or time-consuming, but it's vital to staying safe. Don't forget Thread can do this for you!
We have extra tips to watch out for in our article on phishing scams; plus, check out the interview with the VP at Medicus, a national IT company, and his thoughts on keeping people safe in WFH and hybrid roles. 
Where you house your payroll data is so important! Please ensure you have strong, secure software and are covered in other areas.
Good luck out there! We're here if you need any more help or resources. 

Interested in making your payroll super secure? Talk to our team!

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