iSolved v5.0.04


HCM Updates

  • Reboarding option for terminated employees
  • Pending employee dashboard updates
  • International and military addresses
  • Direct deposit pay period frequency

Reboarding Options for Terminated Employees

If you take advantage of the onboarding feature in iSolved, you will now have an electronic process for rehiring employees as well. The reboarding option will be available, making it easier to bring re-hired employees onboard electronically. Use existing templates or build specific rehire templates that you can select when rehiring terminated employees. This will provide the rehired employee a link to walk through a rehire wizard and update their information electronically, allowing you to complete the rehire once the employee information is complete.

Pending Employee Dashboard Updates

This release will also include new features to manage new employees on the pending employee dashboard. New hires and rehires will be managed using separate tabs on the dashboard. If your newly hired or rehired employees are in the process of completing the onboarding or reboarding process, you will have the option to view data that has been entered in the wizard and monitor the employee progress.

International and Military Address

Employers pay employees that may request their paystubs or tax forms be mailed to Canada, a military base, or another area outside of the United States. You can now enter an international or military address for mailing to employees. The override address can be included on paystubs and on W2/1099/ACA forms. The override address is available for mailing labels and in report writer for reporting purposes as well.

Note: iSolved calculates paychecks for employees working in the U.S. and U.S. territories only.

Direct Deposit Pay Period Frequency

Your employees want more control over their payroll deposits. To give them more flexibility in managing their funds, iSolved has added a pay frequency option for direct deposit transactions. This will allow your employees to direct wages to their accounts based on specific pay periods each month. For example, your employee might choose to have their first paycheck of the month deposited into a mortgage account and their second paycheck of the month deposited into a checking account.

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